Thursday, July 7, 2016

Garden Updates

The garden is going strong, friends. Looks like we got something right this season; our squash and zucchini plants have never been bigger or more fruitful. Our Boston cucumber plants are going gangbusters and I've already put some up. 

Unfortunately, the front row (closest to you in the photo) didn't hold up as well as the remaining three rows. The beans didn't do so well, but the fennel and kale is doing great. There's garlic in there too, but I'm skeptical of it.
The garden
The eggplant and tomato plants should be fruiting very soon. The tomatoes are definitely there, but are taking their sweet time to ripen. A watched pot never boils and all that. We're expecting some purple tomatoes this year, and they're already starting to look a little tinted. How exciting!
Our Boston Pickling Cucumbers are doing amazing! Look at those baby cukes!
I'm curious how much we should expect in the tomato realm. We planted 64 plants, but we've only got about 60 survivors. This is almost double from last year if I remember correctly, and this year, we've amended and fertilized (organically) like crazy. Hopefully, I'll see quarts and quarts of tomatoes.
The corn, specifically 72 stalks of corn, are doing very well. We planted them in the furthest row from the house last year, and the squirrels had a hay day stealing the beautiful ears of corn. The neighbors delighted in the show, but I've almost got myself convinced to buy an airgun to shoot the critters off my corn. Chris has said he's down with trying squirrel stew, so they had better look out! The corn is planted just outside my office window this year, so the squirrels can either get super brave or I can pick them off at close range.
Waltham butternut squash in the foreground, Honey & Cream corn in the background
The butternut squash was a new addition this year, and I wasn't sure what to expect. They're very vine-y, and I suspect I over-planted. I also think we may need to trellis them up somehow, but I can't really imagine large butternut squashes growing anywhere off the ground. I hope it wasn't a mistake...

The grape trellis is looking amazing and I still can't believe we built it ourselves. I'd like to paint it, but I suspect I'll have to wait until fall or spring. I am happy to say we have our first bunches of grapes coming in, although there are only 2 bunches, and they're only coming in on the east-facing vine. 
Concord grapes coming in
Our blueberries are in their first year, and there's definitely fruit on them. Not enough to warrant anything baked or canned, but they make for a delicious snack while doing a garden walk-through. The raspberries, transplants from the neighbor's prolific variety (no idea what it is though), aren't producing as much as I'd like, but we did get a small bowl of fruit the other day, which was eaten alongside the blueberries. It's their first summer in place, so they should also do better next year.
Canadian Crookneck Squash coming in!

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