Friday, May 20, 2016

Chicken Cap

My first $3 for a dozen. Yes, I took a picture.
Well, that's it. I've met my chicken capacity on this property for now. We have three new chicks in addition to our five other birds. The count is at two Rhode Island Reds, three Easter Eggers, one Buff Orpington, one Silver Laced Wyandotte, and one black sexlink (aka black star). If we're lucky, we'll get five eggs a day, but it's more like three to four.

On December 17, I sold my first dozen eggs. It may seem stupid or silly to some, but it was my first success as a producer. I grow food, I make jams, I can things, but I usually just give them away. 

This isn't to say I don't still give away eggs... I do. A lot. But I also charge strangers, which is a great thing if you ask me. It's only $3 a dozen (and a quarter for just one!), and I have a little sign on the mailbox with a red NO and a green YES! for when we do and don't have eggs. Because we live in a more urban environment, and with that comes crime, we don't have a lock box for our eggs. I'd very much like to have one so egg sales don't have to be contingent on whether or not we're home. We also really can't keep up with how quickly a dozen disappears. We have people looking for five dozen at a time, which we aren't able to hold on to.
What our eggs look like :)

They've been insanely popular, probably because the price is competitive with factory farm egg prices in the grocery store. People will walk by and stop when they see the sign. Most people seem perplexed by the fact that we have chickens in the backyard, but we're sure to invite them back to see where they live. They inevitably see the garden (which takes up almost half of the yard), and they get it.

Kids seem to enjoy it as well, and always love to come over to give the chickens a good chase. The chickens are unfazed by the neighbors dogs that they're surrounded by, too (most households seem to have at least 2 dogs around us). The neighborhood seems at peace with everything, and that feels great.

I doubt I'll ever have a yard without chickens again, provided I can. They bring so much life and happiness to our backyard, even when they come to the open windows and yell for treats. The novelty of collecting eggs still hasn't worn off, even after these two years.  

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