Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Challenge: Week 1 - Grocery List

This is what we've got for this week's groceries.

Everything was purchased at Price Rite, and most of these are generic brands. I can't recommend Price Rite enough. Yes, you have to buy and bag your own plastic bags. Yes, the clientele is kinda rough. But if you bring your own bags (shouldn't you do that anyways? ;) ) and go when the crowds are thin, you've got prime grocery shopping time at excellent prices!

Old fashioned oats $2.39
Flour - 5lbs $1.69
Granulated sugar - 3lbs $1.99
White vinegar (gallon) $1.89
Pack of 8 potato bread rolls $1.59
Tortillas (pack of 12) $2.99
Mushrooms (20 oz) $3.78
Yams ($0.69/lb) $1.61
Broccoli ($1.29/lb) $1.81
Green pepper ($0.99/lb) $2.83
Ginger root ($1.89/lb) $0.49
3lb bag onions $2.69
Bananas ($0.38/lb) $1.50
Sour cream $1.94
5lb bag carrots $1.49

A grand total of $30.68. I have a meal plan, so let's see how it works out for the week!

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