Sunday, August 16, 2015

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Before noon on a Sunday and I've already got four quarts of pureed tomatoes canned; bounty from a week in the garden.

We tried using our Blendtec this year instead of peeling and de-seeding all of the garden tomatoes (so much work ugh). It worked like a charm! There are a few stray seeds here and there, but for the most part, everything got eviscerated, including the skins!

A lot less waste, the entire tomato is used, and a delicious sauce. Added a little salt and lemon juice and threw it into a few bail wire jars to be canned.

I'm curious how many quarts we'll get from our 30 plants. This last batch was about a week's worth of tomatoes, and was all sorts of different varieties. There were mostly Roma and San Marzano that got put up, but there were a couple of beautiful heirlooms in there as well. 

The larger varieties of tomatoes we usually set aside until they're gigantic and sun-kissed and have them in an egg sandwich for lunch. Or straight up with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

I'll be honest; I may plant more than 30 plants next year, depending on how well this season goes. Every year I think about expanding that garden. I'll be overflowing into the front yard soon, I'm sure.

Next up: corn! Fresh, local corn is on sale at the store for $6 a dozen. I bought a dozen, had a few for dinner, and have already started prepping to can up the rest. We'll see what 8 cobs cans up to be. 

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