Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Converting an old All American No. 7 canner

The garden is big this year. I'm gearing up for canning season. This includes casually browsing Craigslist for old stuff that people are trying to get rid of for cheap. And have no idea what they're looking at.

For $25, I found this fabulous old All American No. 7 15½ quart pressure canner in the next town over. The gentleman who was selling it seemed to be trying to get rid of some of his mother's old housewares. This "made many great meals" when he was a young boy, and wanted to ensure it went to a good home.

Unfortunately, that pressure gauge you see there in that picture is pretty useless. It's not accurate (to say the least), and the petcock you see on the top right of the lid is dangerous and outdated technology. 

Fear not! The petcock can be switched out very easily for a small price. From Red Hill General Store, I picked up a new #69 vent pipe and #68 pressure regulator weight. All I had to do was remove the petcock, clean out the vacancy, and put the vent pipe in.

It took a couple of days for the parts to come in, but shipping was quick. I wrapped some plumber's thread tape on the threaded bit of the vent and had my husband tightly screw it in with a wrench. 

The weight system for canners is more accurate than a gauge, so I'm a happy camper. The gauge will stay in as it doesn't leak and doesn't do any harm. Also because I think it's neat looking.
We did a test run earlier today, and it looks like it's working decently. It seals nicely, and there are no leaks at around 11pp. I'm still not sure what "1-4 jiggles a minute" is, so there's probably a learning curve there. 

My father-in-law saw a Facebook post about the canner when I initially scored it off of Craigslist, asking if I had a desire to blow myself up. I guess there's a definite fear about these old canners, and I can understand why with those big latches and heavy duty structure. It looks like it's ready to dive in the ocean and withstand the pressures of the sea.

This is my first All American canner. It's about the same size of my Presto 1755, but clearly much older. I can't wait to properly run it through its paces!

Converted from the petcock to a weighted vent pipe

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Whit Elfner said...

Nice find! Hope it has worked well for you!

I'm doing the same thing with an AA Canner, but I'll leave the toggle in for it's over pressure safety feature, and replace the pressure gauge with a "jiggler". So many people are switching from a stove top pressure cooker to an Intant Pot/Electric pressure cooker. I just bought one of those for $4 and will use the vent pipe and weight from it. It's a Mirro-Matic and has the same thread type (1/4" pipe)