Monday, June 1, 2015

A Rebirth of a Cast Iron Pot

I've had this cast iron pot sitting in my garage, just waiting for a good scrub and season. I've literally been using it as a foot stool for... well.... years. It's a terrible state of affairs in that garage, and I've only just begun to really fix its wagon.

I cook with almost exclusively cast iron, the exception being boiling water. My cast iron skillets never fail to serve me well, and once you get a cook season, it's even more amazing to work with.

So, recognizing that it was about time that the cast iron pot came back to life, I bust out my wire brush attachment for the drill, and I went to town. Even Chris got in on some of the fun. The pot was in rough shape, but with some negotiating, it came nice and clean. 

Once I was done scouring with the drill, I wiped it down with a dry rag and gave it a drink of peanut oil. I used peanut oil only because it was handy. I threw it in a hot oven and let it bake for a time (maybe an hour), and pulled it out once it was almost cool to the touch.

I gave it another wipe down with olive oil while it was warm enough to handle for just a minute or two. Once it got a thorough rub-down, I let it alone.

Here's to the resurrection of a pot that almost ended up as a foot stool for the rest of its life!

Enjoy some photos from the process:

What I started with.

The interior, straight out of the garage.
The interior, right after the final seasoning
The exterior prior to seasoning (I brightened up the photo because it was a little dark)
Exterior shot after second seasoning
Just before going into the oven, after the first season
Underside of the lid before any work
The beautiful bottom, after the second seasoning


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