Friday, May 29, 2015

Frustrations with Planning a Community Garden

Hi! It's been a while! Hope you're enjoying my ridiculous Instagram pipeline!

We're out-growing (ba-dum-tish!) our own garden space, and I'm finding that I get more and more good vibes from working in the garden. It's like its own little therapy room out there. I want to share the joys with others who are interested.

Chris and I have been talking about working on getting a community garden here in our neighborhood for a while. Two years, in fact.  We dropped the idea after a little mishap in our personal lives, but that's passed, and we're on to greener pastures. Hopefully. Maybe. Probably not.

The city makes it look easy to get a community garden going. It hasn't been. We've been using NextDoor.com to communicate with people in the neighborhood, and there's interest in the garden. Not a hell of a lot, but some.

I think the city, the "food council," the universities, the private land owners, and the churches all must think we're going to want money to cultivate their land. That's the only explanation I can think of as to why no one will engage me about a community garden. 

I figure email is the best way to communicate with folks these days, mostly because you can take your time in responding to an email, and you have a record of what's said (in case you forget, like I do). 

I've received two responses from about a dozen emails and an application sent. One from a city planner, who keeps brushing me off, and another from the university neighborhood liason, who also pretty much brushed me off. It's either "I'm passing this on to someone internally, if you don't hear back in a couple of weeks, let me know" or "thanks for your email, I'll see what I can do." And then radio silence....

...which, you know, I would understand if you were in charge of thirty more pressing departments. But these people are appointed to their positions to deal people like me, aren't they? If I took that long to respond to someone in my job, I'd be fired. 

Anyways, I'm leaning in to it. I'm getting impatient, and I think that's pretty clear. I don't want to piss off the wrong people, so I'm trying to be kind and courteous. 

I do plan on blogging here more often with how we're going about solving the issues. We've talked about opening up our own yard for a garden, but I'll talk about that next time. For now, I need to cool my jets and wait.

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