Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter Knitting

I powered through winter knitting this season, so let's see if I can recap in any coherent way. I won't include all of the things I knit this winter, but most of them since a few of them are boring and not worthy of comment.

Starting in October...

Stitch Block Cowl by the Purl Bee
 This was a fun knit, especially with the Imperial Yarn (Erin) from Yarnbox. In creamy, natural white, gray, and charcoal colors, this one was a blast to knit, and was extremely functional this past winter. The squish of the Imperial yarn was pretty much everything I love about yarn, and I would so so knit with it again, if only I could come across some inexpensively. I wish I could do a whole sweater out of it!

 Inspira Cowl by Graphica
Color-wise, this one was really fun. But, unfortunately, I didn't like the end product as much as I had hoped. I should have been more aggressive with my decreases and made a tighter bind-off. Still, very pretty and very fun. I'd do it again in other colorful yarns for sure.

Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth 
 A gift for my mother-in-law this Christmas. I'm pretty confident my in-laws are not huge fans of home-knit projects, but these gloves were fast and fun to do. It was also especially fun with the cables!

Flax by Tin Can Knits
 A Christmas gift for my nephew, Trevor. He turned one in December, and this superwash yarn from Yarnbox come in great for this project. Again, I'm pretty sure my in-laws aren't fans of handknitting, but I had fun making it regardless. The flax was a great mindless knit; so much that I started my own Flax in January. 

 Tallulah by Sarah Ronchetti
 We were blessed enough to have one of my cousins from France visit for Christmas this year, with his wife and 3 year old Camille. I wasn't able to catch any really good photos of this knit on Camille, but it fit her! And she looked beautiful in it! This knit was a little boring, but knitting it with Madelinetosh Vintage in Cathedral was a thrill.

Crochet Lamb Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

An absolute delight to crochet. Camille has it on backwards in this photo, but she wore it all around the Natural History Museum in New York City. Thrilling to crochet, and the pay off was even better. I love the hat, and so does she :)
#30 Cabled Beanie by Tatiana Butler
 This one was miserable. It was the first project I started right after Christmas knitting was done. I was expected something way better. Oh well. It's wonky, it doesn't fit right (I did my swatch, too!), and it makes me look silly. The yarn is Aslan Trends Invernal, and I really liked it. At least there's that!

That's about it for now, I guess. Like I said, there were a few projects here and there, including a Beehive Slouchy Hat from Suzanne at Beehive Knits. I just didn't get very good picture of it (yet). I also did a Men's Ski Hat in Madelinetosh Pashmina for the neighbor, but I don't think he likes handknit things either. The pattern is fabulous though, and I've used it to knit up many quick knit gifts for men I know.


g+m said...

It's a shame about the last hat - the color and pattern are so pretty!

Danielle Dulude said...

I am looking for the pattern of that beanie hat. I would like to make it for my grand daughter would you mind share it my emai adrress is danielle.dulude@sympatico.ca thank you in advance (sorry for my english i do my best because i am french

Danielle said...

Bonjour Danielle! Si vous voulez faire le chapeau, il y a une website qui le vende. C'est $10 ici: https://store.vogueknitting.com/p-2337-vogue-knitting-2012-holiday.aspx

Malheureusement, je ne peux pas vous le donner.