Sunday, March 22, 2015


I had vintage, circular Tupperware that just didn't work in the cabinets. Now everything has a proper (square) home, except for the pasta that will promptly be eaten.
I suspect we have much less cabinet space in our home than most. Most of our food is kept downstairs in the basement, all canned up and ready at a moment's notice.

But up here in the main house, I have two "food cabinets" at about the size pictured here. One cabinet is for dried goods (shown) and one is for things like bottled items, teas, peanut butter, and items like this.

We overhauled the kitchen space about a month ago, getting rid of a lot of things that we just don't use or had no need for any longer. We ended up switching everything around and have a much better, more efficient use of space now. 

And just LOOK at these perfect, transparent containers for our dried goods! Flours, sugars, rices, grains, and nuts, all stored nicely in one very, very small cabinet.

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