Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breezeway Overhaul Part 2

Back in... jeez, just before Thanksgiving, we finished the breezeway. Well, finished is not the most accurate term. It's in a useable state, but the molding and a few other finishing touches has to wait until the better weather arrives. The snow hasn't melted yet, so we've probably got a few more weeks before it's finished entirely.

The day the doors arrived was hilarious. Chris and I were ready and waiting for the delivery men, who had called the evening prior to make sure we were ready for these doors. The man who was driving the truck described the delivery as "two huge, huge doors" in a charming Latvian accent. 

The doors just barely fit in the breezeway, and they'd stay there for about three days.

On the third day, my father and I, alone, decided to install these behemoths. The front side of the breezeway is elevated about 18" off the ground. It was insane, but we managed to get the door set into the front of the breezeway. 

 Chris came home just in time to help put the back door in, which was substantially easier thanks to the deck being there to allow us to just slide the door set into place.
Luckily, everything was installed within one day, which astounded me. The front door set took about 2 hours, the back door set took maybe 45 minutes, total.
There are a lot of pictures of my father and I installed insulation, electrical work, dry wall, and our new (expensive) tiled floor. I'm not going to post them all here as they're boring and tedious, but I will say that we finished all of the work in a very timely fashion. Just two days before Thanksgiving, we put the last tiles in and let them set. 
I hope to build a small composite step up, as wide as the doors, to put our tiny little pine trees in. The concrete is unattractive and old looking, no matter how much we paint it. Maybe in the better weather, whenever that decides to arrive.

We've had several dinners in there already, and it makes a nice space, even when we need a space heater (that completely kills our electric bill).

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