Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breezeway Overhaul Part 1

It's been really busy around here lately. We've finally finished the breezeway for the most part, just in time for the serious cold and snow of our New England winters.

Almost every work night, we've been pushing to get it done until a few weeks ago. We were trying to get everything done for Thanksgiving dinner, and we made it by the skin of our teeth!

I'll start out at the beginning.

There aren't many pictures of the breezeway when we first bought the home. It, like most of the house, was in bad shape. This is the only picture I could find, and it's not very informative. 

This is the breezeway in May of 2011, one and a half years after we bought the house. We took this picture after what we thought was a major overhaul of the breezeway. All we really did was paint the floor in concrete paint, sanded down the exterior of the wood, and painted it. Made it look a lot nicer, but still outdated.

First things being first, my father and I removed the awning of the breezeway and saved it for potential later use.
 Then, my dear father started to tear the breezeway walls apart. He seemed to enjoy this part the most. It just made me worry, ha ha. 

That's about where we ended for the first day of work. We started on October 6, when we got notification that the ridiculously large glass doors we had custom-made were going to be delivered.

Just to give you an idea: these doors are over 90 inches tall, and have three glass panels on them, framed in steel. The span of the three doors is over 100 inches wide. Only my father and I were going to be around to install these behemoths on both the front and back side of the breezeway.

The last picture here depicts the way the breezeway stayed for about a week or so. I'll  never forget how airy and clear it felt with those old wooden window walls down. I'd open the screen door in the morning and have the sun stream into the kitchen, which never happened before. The cats laid in the sun on the kitchen rugs, and there was a nice cross-breeze.

Things look a lot different now, but those posts are to come...

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