Thursday, September 11, 2014

Green through the winter

I've since planted more than what's pictured
Our recent tax free holiday here in Massachusetts got my husband and I out to the home box store. We're in the process of gutting our breezeway and turning it into a four-season hangout with an Amish fireplace (read: electric). That's another entry though... today I'd like to talk about the wonder that is our new greenhouse!

We took advantage of the holiday to buy the greenhouse tax-free. It cost around $700, and I'm a little skeptical about how well it will hold up in a rough New England winter. Chris really wanted to try having one, so for $700, I figured why not. Adventure time!

A couple of weekends ago, we took about 8 hours to put the whole thing up over a Saturday and Sunday. I saw "we." What I really mean is "Chris." It was such a daunting task, I was overwhelmed as soon as I saw how thick the assembly instructions were. 

Chris is a trooper and went right to town. I think he enjoys things when the instructions are laid out for him. I helped when some clever engineering was required, but that was incredibly limited. While Chris worked, I cleared some of the garden and got about two dozen bulbs of garlic into the ground for a spring harvest.

So with my free time this week, I went to town planting lots and lots and lots of seeds in the greenhouse. I figure most of what germinates will die out there come the frost, so I went a little crazy with what I sewed. I even planted some flowers, which is very not like me.

You can see the broccoli in the background there, which is still producing out in the garden. The eggplant would be going nuts if it wasn't for the chickens. The tomatoes and peppers have been fenced off, and are doing well enough. The tomatoes this year were incredibly lackluster. I don't think I'll have any to put up this year, but we've been making the most of it with just cooking a bunch for delicious meals.

Updates on the greenhouse will come as they develop :)Enjoy some photos of Chris putting the whole thing together!

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Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful. I miss having a garden so much. I love all the things that you do -- and how ambitious and creative you guys are. I enjoy reading your blog entries, as well as your posts on facebook! Keep sharing! <3

<3 Kristen