Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yarnbox for July

I got my Yarnbox for July a couple of weeks ago, but I've been at a loss about what to make with this month's yarn. I caked it up, and have since considered putting it up on the de-stash thread on Ravelry. 

I've also seen some awesome over-dying projects that tone the yarn down into a more hazy blue. I wonder if it's too late for my skeins, since I've already wound them.

This month, some of us received Fiberlady's Makicot. It's 70% bamboo, 30% cotton, which should make a lovely summer garment or shawl. Each hank clocks in at 335 yards, and we received three hanks! That makes a grand total of 1005 yards; enough for something quite nice, and possibly large enough for my frame. 

© Eliza422 on Ravelry.com
As exciting as that prospect is, I fear these colors won't do me much justice in anything I should choose. I love color, but these guys are pretty bright. I wish I had tried some over-dying.

I've since considered making the Gemini by Jane Richmond, the Caroline by Carole Francone, and the Amarillo by Rebecca Velasquez. and the Papillon by Svetlana Volkova. The Papillon would probably be for my sister at Christmas, and the Amarillo looks like it should use a more solid color palette. 

I'm at a loss. I need to explore a bit more. I should consider using less of my 1000+ yards for something like a shawl, but I fear it won't get used that way. Maybe I'm better off letting it go to a better home, with better ideas and smaller bodies than my own. 

Oh well. I guess you can't win them all, right? 

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