Friday, August 8, 2014

Last night's rainy harvest

The weather was pretty foul last night, but we were out in the rain showers picking what we could find in the bushes. The cool breeze called us outside. Am I the only one totally enjoying this fall-like August? I'm terrified we're going to pay a price come winter. 

Between the rain and thunder storms, the chickens have been helping themselves to what few tomatoes we have, so we're limited to what they don't seem to attack. That is to say the things they've tried to attack and have failed. Peck marks all over our eggplant. One or two squash casualties. Some broccoli heads. 

They don't seem to mind the rain as much as we do, so long as it's not a violent downpour, or thundering loudly. Did I mention they're scared of airplanes?? I love these birds.

They definitely get the run of the garden. That will change next summer. 

For today, here's our haul, including two of Chris's roses. Alice Water's ratatouille for dinner with a few extras I have in the fridge. The broccoli will probably get nibbled at throughout the day. The tomatoes are unimpressive, and the yellow squash seems to be slowing up a bit along with the Boston cucumbers, and not a moment too soon. The eggplant is going great, and the bell peppers are promising, if they can only endure this cooler weather that's due to head in...

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