Saturday, August 9, 2014

Improving Knitting Skills

I'm not the kind of person who enjoys paying for information. I like to learn from others, and at my own pace. Usually, I require a lot of videos or images to learn something... I'm not a very good word or text person. I like things demonstrated.

Which is perfect for this Craftsy class I'm taking on how to improve my knitting. I know most techniques in knitting at this point, although I don't practice them all consistently. Don't even ask me about intarsia knitting :groan:

This class cost me $25, and so far, I've learned quite a bit about my knitting style. I'm a thrower (which I knew), but it never occurred to me that I could improve my tension, improve the consistency of my stitches, and be more efficient in how I knit. 

If you want to learn some maintenance work on your knitting, or you're a beginner and want to learn good practices, try out Patty Lyon's Improve Your Knitting class on Craftsy.com. Within 10 minutes, I was knitting continental (or "picking") with ease. Who knew continental was more efficient at purl/knit than English knitting? Holy cow, what a nice tool to have under my knitting belt. 

I'm only halfway through this class or so, but only because I've been taking the time to actually practice my new knitting style to get a feel for it. There's more to learn about techniques and style, but I'd say my $25 has already paid off.

I'd also like to mention that there's a 50% off classes at Craftsy.com right now (they don't pay me to say that ha ha!), so if there's anything you're interested in, from knitting to sewing to cooking and more, go have a look at the 60 online classes they have on sale right now.

I'm about to practice my Norwegian purl and move on to my next lesson. I hope you have the chance to learn something new, and at a discounted rate. :)

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