Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fall preparations

It should be the dog days of August, but it's been ridiculously cool here. I was wearing a wool sweater at one point during the day. Not that I'm complaining... I love the dry, cool weather. Anything to avoid the typical August heat and humidity!

In feeling with the cooler weather, Chris and I have been digging up the garden. I should be more clear: we're digging up more garden space. I have no idea why we decided this was a good idea, apart from the fact that I want more fresh veggies and I want to try growing new things in addition to what we grow now.

We cut a few branches off of the maple tree to make room for sunshine a few weeks ago, and once fall comes around proper, we'll cut more off. We want to make sure the falling branches won't come down on the garden.

We're in the process of preparing three more beds. Two of them are 3' x 15', one is about 3' x 9'. We've got carrots, beets, sugar snap peas, and spinach going in one of the beds for an expected fall harvest. We had to fence it off from the chickens since they've been pecking and consuming almost everything in the garden. I've never planted a late summer garden, and I've read that we should sew seeds directly into the ground. Fingers crossed!

We're hoping to get garlic into the ground for the winter, but we're just waiting on the garden center to get their bulbs in.

I started clearing out the older beds yesterday. The lettuce was about done, so I removed it. The zucchini and squash are not far behind, but there's still a few flowers so I'll wait.

Our tomatoes have been very stunted this year. I don't know if it's us or everyone. We didn't rotate the location of the beds this year, so maybe it's us, but Chris reports that others are having trouble too. This year, what few tomatoes we've had are delicious. I'm never growing anything but heirlooms from now in. The different in taste is more than noticeable!

Thanks to the tax holiday this past weekend, we ordered some home improvement stuff (posts to come!) and, are you ready, a greenhouse! It's only 8' x 6', but it should allow for more growing time all year 'round, and hopefully a little therapy for yours truly come the short days of winter. 

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