Friday, July 11, 2014

Yarnbox (!)

There was a post on the knitting group on Facebook that mentioned a "yarnbox." There was multiple inquiries in the group about what exactly that was.

And then there it was. A subscription for a monthly yarn sampling of luxury yarn. $39 a month, and a little extra for speedy shipping, if you so chose.

June's Yarnbox contents - a $66 value
Each Yarnbox includes a minimum of two full sized skeins of luxury yarns, enough to finish a project every month. 

Every month, there are two free patterns to use. You can store the patterns in a yarnbox "pattern box" thingie (pretty neat!). You also get 2 "designer cards" from designers along with coupon codes to download more patterns, if you'd like.

I've only just received June's so far. July's ships out on the 20th. I've already managed to knit up the Fern Glade with the more solid green color. I've been working on finger-less mittens with the more fun, colorful yarn. 

Unblocked Fern Glade, of course. But still beautiful!
Speaking of the Fern Glade, this was a lot of fun to knit while watching the chickens in the back yard and listening to the World Cup games a few weeks ago. It takes some concentration, but not too much. I guess because of all the yarn-overs, it's considered a lace knit. I had just enough yarn for this hat. 

If you love luxury yarns, and of course surprises in the mail once a month, this subscription service is a no-brainer!


Nicole said...

Yarnbox! I totally copied you when you posted on facebook that you signed up. I thought it was such a cool way to try different yarns. We ended up getting the same colors! I made Smash and Puny with my yarn, although I saved the sequin yarn. I am not 100% pleased with it though. Now I am envious of your hat. It is beautiful and works so well with that color. Hmmm...perhaps I will frog my Smash and copy you once again ;-)

Danielle said...

You signed up!? Oh man, now I am excited. June was my first month, and I'm going to be honest: I am REALLY bad at navigating Ravelry groups. I'm pretty sure there's an easy way to see what everyone is making with their yarn, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm psyched now. At least I can see what you're making with yours!

The second color is "loud," as my husband put it. I tried fingerless mittens, but I ended up making regular old mittens with it instead. Still very "loud," but I enjoy the colors.

I'm so psyched to see what you make. I see you started the hexipuffs too.... I started making them years ago... I'll never finish ahahaha

Nicole said...

I love the yarn this month, but I'm not sure if I completely like what I made with it. The second color is loud! I may frog what I made and use the second color to make something for Irene, she loves it.

Yarnbox has a Ravelry group. You can see the projects people have posted to the group and there is a thread that is just yarnbox made items. I can't wait to get July's!