Monday, July 14, 2014

More baby sparrows?!

Guess what we came upon the other day?
We were laying mulch, cleaning out the awnings, and preparing for the hot weather when we found a baby on the ground. We figured she fell out of the nest that was very large, and haphazardly made in the corner of an awning we were going to pull out.

We pulled out the nest, and put it in the top of one of our higher shrubs by the house, but not before taking this picture of the whole family (minus Ma and Pa). The babies were all in varying stages of life, which kind of surprised me. The one who fell had slipped through a small opening in the bottom of the nest, and had virtually no feathers coming in. Two of the four birds in this picture had healthy heads of plumage. You can kind of see one in the center. 

Luckily, the relocation of the nest went smoothly. Mother and father eagerly came back to feed the babies, but they've since flown the coop (hr). 

We dodged yet another bullet on having to raise four sparrows this summer. Our awnings make great nesting spots for these birds, but it gets to be a real pain in the butt when you want to shade your house!

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