Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The end is in sight

This winter has been long. I feel like it's been forever since I smelled the wet leaves of fall.

Christmas passed without a hitch, which is more sad than good I think. Christmas has become a kind of ritual that I don't seem to enjoy anymore. Is that typical of getting older? Without kids, it's decidedly depressing. We bought LEDs for the tree this year, and spent a few hundred on buying LEDs for the outside display.

Still no feelings about that. The LEDs lend a coolness to the tree (and the holiday, really) that I am not fond of at all. I'd rather put the thoughts of dark, cold nights of December behind me.

New Year's went down without any emotion. My sister and her boyfriend invited us to her place in a neighboring city, and we enjoyed a quiet evening in playing games, getting tipsy, and talking about all the things you're never supposed to talk about with strangers.

The sun is starting to climb higher in the sky these afternoons, which feels like it's woken something up inside of me and all of the things outside my window. 

Sounds silly, I know, but the snow doesn't seem so obstinate now. The sun is higher, and brighter, and can stand for longer to fight off the dark and cold. Winter is letting up on its grip, and some color is starting to wake up.

Strength is coming back to us all for spring, and boy am I ready.

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