Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On the Needles: A Hat for Every Season?

I've been knitting up hats like a mad banshee. I've had a couple of requests from friends, and a couple of Christmas gifts to near strangers, just to warm their noggins in hopes of spreading some holiday cheer.

Below is an image of my handsome husband sporting the Men's Ski Hat. This was my favorite hat thus far... plenty of interesting cables to dote on, the yarn was pleasant and natural (albeit corporate), and it looks like there was a lot more work put into it than there really was.

Designed by Irina Dmitrieva
It's a great little hat if you're into cabling, but there's enough of it to overwhelm a beginner with cables. The majority of the cables are comprised of three stitches, and there aren't more than 4 stitches in a cable at any point. Nice and simple, with a great affect!

I got a little bored of the same old hats and started this cute little thing for a friend... I can't be more specific here, just in case she reads it. It's the Butterfly Hat, available for free on Ravelry. Do you get better than cute and free?

Designed by Sofiya Cremin
The picture is horrific, and I was knitting this in the summer. I apologize in advance ha ha! It was a fun knit, and it stayed interesting. It was knit in a wool/alpaca blend, so it's nice and soft. It's also pretty lavender in color, despite the misleading colors in the picture. 

Next up is a second attempt at a slouchy hat for a teenager I know. Officially it's known as the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, and it too is available for free on Ravelry. 
Designed by Natalie Larson
I really didn't like how the color combination on this squishy and luxurious yarn came out, so I'll probably end up ripping it and finding another use for the yarn. I had made a slouchy beret using the same pattern, but Peace Fleece instead. I love it, but I didn't have enough yarn to complete it, so it's kind of wonky-looking.

The other hats I've made or am making are relatively boring and don't deserve much of a mention. I'm switching-hitting about three different projects right now, so it'll be slow-going anyhoo.

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