Monday, September 30, 2013

A little change

I think I'm in the minority when it comes to changing my environment. Almost once a year, sometimes twice, I will completely change the furniture layout of a room. It's like spring cleaning at the same time. 

This past weekend, Chris and I decided it was time to tackle the office. The office was, I admit, a complete and absolute disaster zone. The room that we had my home office, three desks, two small filing cabinets, and an exercise bike was way too small for all the stuff we had. The window that I faced out of gave me the pleasant view of the neighbor's south side of their house, white and bright and crisp, about 15 feet away from our wall. 

Meanwhile, the third bedroom was a bit larger, and was going mostly unused. We had a large queen guest bed set up, but we rarely have overnight guests. The afternoon sun was just too much to simply walk by, and when the leaves of the maple are starting to fall in the backyard, it's hard to resist just sitting in the spare bedroom to enjoy the west breeze in the sun.

The Trouble, enjoying the sun in the window with me 

We had talked about switching the rooms only briefly about a week ago. The office was on the to-do list for at least two months, though. We were ready to make the change. It was going to be an all-day affair though. 

We started at around 1pm on Saturday, which is really quite late to start anything substantial in the house, but we were nervous about committing to such a large task.

We finished well past sunset on Saturday evening, but that's alright! I was nervous it would bleed into Sunday, which it didn't. 

We ended up getting rid of the two small filing cabinets, a desk, and a lot of garbage. Old files, papers, technology, and electrical wires. I'm elated we switched rooms, if only because the crap we cleaned out was well worth it. We've got a queue of junk to go in the garbage bins for the next couple of weeks! 

Now, I have the warm, bright, afternoon sun to greet me as I work, and crickets in the backyard, under the maple tree. It's so much more pleasant, I hardly want to work!

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