Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ravelry Favorites: Sweet Hat Edition

I've been knitting like a fiend all summer long, I just haven't said too much about it. 

My sister-in-law is expecting a baby this December, and I think I'm the only one in the family who knits. This means I have a few months to get my ass in gear and knit as furiously as I can for the little one.

Of course, I burn out every now and again and have to pause to finish a project that I had once started...and to browse the lovely, lovely things on Ravelry that I intend to share with you now!

© Travis Dodd and Holly Priestley, 2013
Nomadic Nights Slouch by Holly Priestley
I fell in love with this slouch as soon as I stumbled on it. I love the slouch slash bonnet style, and of course the long tassels give it some character. I just have to dig through my stash to see what yarns I have that I can substitute in.

© Robyn M. Schrager
Tam's Tam by Robyn M. Schrager
As far as tams go, this is a pretty nice one. Colorful, entrelac knitting lends  for a quick and interesting project. I'd be tempted to mod it into a slouch. The yarn pictured is Mille Colori by Lang Yarns. 

© ElizabethSABLE
Entrelac Hat by ElizabethSABLE
Speaking of entrelac tams, I can't pass up posting this here. It's been in my favorites forever, and I do plan on making the same thing in Mini Mochi... when I come across some. I refuse to go out of my way for it! 

© Julia Vesper/Knitterly Things
Chevron Love Hat by Julia Vesper
Maybe I'm just a sucker for colorful things, but the chevron and the bucket nature of this hat thrills me, even if it would look like shit on my skull.

© maduixa76
Bus Hat by Kylie McDonnell-Wade
I knit this hat for my husband Chris last winter with alpaca wool from Red Comb Vintage. If you ever get a chance to score some of her own two alpaca's fibers, you really ought to. The yarn made this hat perfect, but I suspect you could do the same with your fibers if you're so inclined. Wonderful pattern.

© cherylandrews 2009
Maple Leaves Hat by Wooly Bear Hand Knits
I've been holding this one in my favorites for a really long time, too. I really love the colors and design. I think I just may break down and knit one for the winter season this year!

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