Friday, August 23, 2013

A very overdue sparrow update

It's been a busy summer, can you tell? I've been hard-pressed to sit down for very long at the desk outside of working hours.

The two sparrows that we attempted to raise in early July was a mixed bag. One made it, the smaller one did not. It was a sad day when the little one passed, but I think it was just so little and so new that it really needed its momma to raise it instead of silly human.

The older one grew up big and strong. We named her Edie (after little Edie Beale) once I realized Edgar wasn't viable since she wasn't male. We got her a cage, and we made sure she was strong and brave before she was put on a fingertip and introduced to the outdoors. It took a few days of the outdoors before she was brave enough to fly into a low branch on a tree. The day after she figured out she liked branches, she flew off, never to be heard of again.

Every now and again, I go outside and make the kissy noises I would make with her every morning when I fed her. I never hear her call back. At least we know she's a real bird now. While my heart stings a little bit when I think of her, I'm glad we were able to release her successfully.

Here are some videos I took of Edie as she grew. Enjoy! :)

Shot on July 2, 2013:

Shot on July 5, 2013: 

I have a video of her flying on July 8, but YouTube has decided that because I was listening to Diana Ross on the radio in the background, that my video can't be shared. Ugh. You'll just have to picture a sparrow eyeing some things and flying to them. :)


Nicole said...

I love that you did this. You raised that baby well! She may have gone off into the big world, but imagine the life she is living! It would not have been possible without you :-)

Michelle said...

I was so happy to read that one of your little birds survived to be sent out into the world. MH and I tried to raise some baby mice we found (after inadvertantly destroying their home) and it broke MH's big kind heart each time one died (and sadly they all did despite our best efforts with heat packs and milk drippers).
I work with a lady who looks after orphaned kangaroo joeys. She brings them to work everyday and sometimes they escape from their 'pouches' and hop around the office - cheeky things!