Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Sparrows

Instead of constantly annoying people on Facebook with how we've spared the lives of 2 tiny baby sparrows, I thought maybe I'd try to chronicle their growth and my experiences here. That's if I can manage to keep them alive.
The babies as we found them yesterday

Here's what happened: Yesterday, we were doing some clean-up and summer prep around our house. This usually includes bringing down our awnings to keep cooling costs down. Every spring, at least a dozen house sparrows compete for spots for nesting under the rolled-up awnings.

Thinking the hatching season was over, we went ahead and cleared out at least 4 nests from the awnings. We had seen evidence of previous baby birds about a month before, so we figured they'd have definitely left the nest.

We were wrong. When Chris knocked out one of the nests, he saw a baby bird hanging from part of the nest. We panicked and I got a towel. We ended up finding 4 baby birds - 3 from one nest, 1 from another. The three from the one nest were larger than the little baby who couldn't have been more than a day out of his egg. Sadly, 2 of the babies died from trauma. Only the little bird and a larger bird enthusiastically remain in my care. :(

The babies today
After reading extensively, it seems that none of the birds are older than 4 days old. The older bird is very close to his eyes being open today, although yesterday, they were firmly shut. He's darker and stronger than he was only just yesterday.

The tiny baby concerns me, but he's eating (and pooping) very well, so I guess I've done what I can do now. I've been feeding them high-grade, soaked cat food kibble. They seem to do alright with it, but I think after work, I'll go to the local pet store and get some proper food. They closed early last night, it being Sunday, so I wasn't able to get any proper food.

Here's hoping these little babies make it!


townhouseturnaround said...

How are they doing?

Danielle said...

Hi! Sorry for the delay in response (holy cow, slow), but I ONLY JUST got an email about this comment.

One sparrow made it, the smaller one lasted only a few days. :(

The sparrow who did make it flew the coop and was a very happy girl when she flew off. We're glad she made it, and it was fun to have a wild bird perch like a pet while it lasted :)

amelia said...

even i found a bird 2 days ago and i am not good at caring give me some tips please....

Anonymous said...

I just found a little bird that fell out of a nest.. We took it home.. Can u give us some tips on how to take good care of him

Danielle said...

Hi Anonymous!

I read *a lot* about raising the sparrows about a year ago, so I may not have everything correct, but here's what I remember:

Soaked, warm cat food kibble can work as a fine food replacement. I fed ours this way until I could find proper bird formula at Petco in the bird section. I used a small syringe from my husband's workplace... a local pharmacy. He tells me the syringe type is called an "oral syringe" and a local Rx could probably provide one at a very small cost, if not free.

The babies need to be fed every 2 hours while they're still pretty bald on their bodies. Ample heat it also necessary, though mine did just fine in the summer with a little washcloth folded over as a nest.

Once my sparrow started to get her feathers in, I cut feedings back to once every 4 hours or so, if I remember correctly. Feeding first thing when the sun comes up was probably the most rough part of feeding... the chirping is so hard to resist!

I eventually bought a small bird cage for the sparrow, which I still have today, just in case.

Did you have any specific questions?? I'm not sure if you're looking for specific information....?