Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hold up

We got our garden sorted (for the most part) for spring planting! 

The first spring we were here, we did an 8'x4' raised bed. I was scared of pressure-treated wood, and ended up getting regular old wood. That was a bad idea. The darn thing was nearly rotten by the end of one season! And after all the great soil we bought to put in there. 

Last year, we rigged up our "pit" with 26, yes 26, tomato plants. I was interested in canning a lot in the spring, can you tell? All of our resources went to tomatoes, and we got a great crop! But the structure we used to keep the tomatoes suspended properly was awful.

So we've tried something new this year. We bought $100 of lumber in 2x4s and 4x4s. We bought $40 worth of some hardcore chicken wire. I don't know what you call this stuff, but it's strong!

We put in 4 posts, 12 ft. apart, to create a 12'x12' square gardening area. We left about 4' of an entry way on the eastern side, so we could easily get in and out with buckets if we had to.

We did a rail of 2x4s, connecting the posts, 48" off the ground. We then stapled the fencing into the 2x4s. 

It was actually a lot of fun until Chris accidentally drilled a screw into my finger. It's not that
This is not my garden, but boy, do I wish it was!
bad, don't worry. I swore a lot, did a little crying (I was scared, okay?!), and got right over it.

Later that night, while preparing dinner, one of our cats (specifically Ringo) got very excited in thinking he was getting fed and got underfoot. I stepped on his little baby paw and he got VERY UPSET and bit the bottom of my foot in defense. It wasn't his fault, it was totally mine. I felt so bad!

He was alright, but I wasn't. I had to go get a tetanus shot and some antibiotic for the cat bite. If there's one thing I've learned, and you should learn too, is that cat bites are friggin' serious shit. You can count on them getting infected... and fast.

So now I'm limping around, dreaming of planting my veggies and sitting in the sun. The weather has finally improved, so here's hoping it comes around sooner rather than later!


townhouseturnaround said...

Oh gosh -- sorry about all the injuries. Your garden looks great!

Michelle said...

Ouch, hope you are healing nicely. Be careful gardening too - you don't want to get any soil/dirt into those wounds - I developed a rather nasty infection once from a scratch that got soil stuck right into the cut. Eek!

Yumi Shiraishi said...

oh my, hope you feel better soon!