Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Monday's tragic marathon bombing has left me completed devastated, saddened, but also curious.

I mean, what kind of idiot bombs the Boston marathon? This is Boston for heaven's sake! And the marathon is a time-honored Boston tradition!

There are books and films based entirely on the rough nature of the city of Boston, and how amazingly resilient and tough Bostonians are.

I am not a Bostonian, though I was raised in the suburbs. My sister lived on Comm Ave in her college years, and I know better than to drive in there if I want to stay sane. I'm not a city person so I steer clear of any city as much as I can, but Boston is in my heart.

While the ridiculous and senseless bombing of the marathon was shameful and cowardly, Boston will grow in love and brotherhood from this. From devastation comes strengthened bonds within your community... as if Boston needed more.

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Michelle said...

It saddened us to hear what happened in Boston last week. MH and I will be there later in the year, we are looking forward to seeing the beautiful, historical city and experiencing the spirit of a community growing together after a terrible event.
ps: MH was going to drive in Boston, but has since heard several times that driving there is a bit crazy (and he'd be driving on the opposite side of the road to usual!) that we are reconsidering!