Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey look at that, we're all still here despite people speculating the world would end on the 21st. I'm starting to hear that some people are saying the world will end tomorrow! Good times.

Despite all the gloom and doom predicted more and more lately, I've been pretty busy! I've been battling a fairly decent bout of seasonal affective disorder, which really doesn't feel like a "disorder" to me, but I suffer the short days none the less. A little vitamin D goes a long way.

I've been sewing up rugs and knitting up things like mad, and I feel the need to continue to do so. My work has also been unusually busy, so I find myself struggling to keep up with this space. I'm not someone who likes to sit around and do nothing, so my time is rarely slowed down enough to write something out, unplanned.

There are so many things I'd like to write about, if only I could find the time. The Newtown shootings is one of them, but I'm always a little nervous about writing about something so saddening and controversial out here.

I've also plateaued with my weight loss, but that's more or less my own fault. I'm not working hard enough on it, but I can understand why.

I'm working on writing a pattern for a faux aran sweater that I love, and I'm trying to knit up something that I've wanted to knit for a while. The needles have been warm lately.

Hopefully, in the New Year, I'll have organized my time a little better and will share the things I've been doing and making with all of you.

Have a safe and happy new year!

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Michelle said...

Always lovely to hear from you, so please do post more often if you can! Hope you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy 2013.