Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seasonal Updates

I've been awful about this space, and I'm sorry for it. Things have been so busy, and I've been so overwhelmed in trying to document it all that I essentially gave up for a while.

I'm still making soap and shampoo, I still knit and crochet, I still sew up rag rugs, and I still work a full time job.

First, while I know some people dislike politics (especially after that contentious political season, yeesh!) I want to quickly convey how happy I am that Obama got elected for a second term. Really, I wasn't too keen on having Romney govern me again (he was Massachusetts governor for a spell). I hope that now that we're over the election season, we can start to make some progress towards improving how things are going in this country. Things need to change. People can't continue living this way. But this is for a whole different post... maybe for another blog entirely, ha ha!

This year's tree
We've got five cats now. I don't think I updated about the fifth one because, well, it's not exactly something to be telling everyone you know. Hey, I just added a fifth cat to our family! Yeah, I'm pretty sure Chris and I are the only ones who would think so. But we take great care of them, and they all lead a very happy life here.

The fifth cat's name is Casco, and he's a little bity kitten. Honestly, I'm over the kitten thing... they're a lot more work and attention and need much more training. Luckily, our young cat outcast Trouble has taken to Casco like ducks take to water.

The Christmas season has begun in our household, and I'm really not too enthusiastic about shopping this year. Everyone I know seems to need the cash for whatever reason, so I try to insist that the whole presents thing is either handmade or nothing at all, but no one ever seems to listen.


Michelle said...

Hope your new cat is fitting in well with the rest of the family.

What a lovely bright tree. We've finally put ours up, but the decorations on it are taking a bit longer..!

townhouseturnaround said...

Congrats on the new cat! I love a houseful of furry friends :)