Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweet, deep, savory sauce

Well, the garden is ripped up, the cooler nights prevail, and we're waking up to temperatures in-house of 55-60F. I love it!

When we ripped up the tomatoes this year, I think we concluded that we just went too crazy with them. We had 24 plants this year, and I don't feel like my cabinets are showing for it.

We plucked off what green tomatoes there were left, and I set them on my sill in the sun for them to ripen off the vine. It took a long while, but they eventually came around. (I have so many plants on my sill now, it's ridiculous!)

With these freshly-ripened tomatoes, I decided to try a new sauce. I tweaked her version a little. I roasted a huge roasting pan full of tomatoes, small onions, and carrots. I did more tomatoes than I should have, but it worked out!

After roasting the veggies, I blended them in a regular old blender (despite desperately wanting a Blendtec). I didn't stop there, though. I wanted everything to cook down a bit, because the color of my sauce was looking a little too weak and light for my taste. I put my blended concoction into my Le Creuset and let it simmer for a while. I did end up adding my herbs and spices before I finished. I usually don't since I often can my sauce and the added herbs and things alter the pH of the sauce too much for hot bath canning.

Chris came home to the final minutes of the sauce cooking and wouldn't stop taste-tasting. He loves it! And so do I! I suggest trying this sauce, if you like to experiment with tomatoes from your garden, from the farmer's market, or the grocery store. The season has since passed for tomatoes unless you're in a warmer climate than I am here in New England.

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