Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quick & Easy

Well, it's officially summer, and somehow, it hasn't climbed up out of the 50s in the past few days. Brr!

I figure this is the best time to tell you about a nice kitchen-warmer: crusty bread! I didn't want to say anything about this recipe until I tried it a few times. Every single time, a loaf that looks like the one pictured comes out. I haven't heard one complaint from the people I've since served it to.

There are various different takes on this very simple recipe out there, but this is the one that my friend Amy introduced me to and it's the one I like the best thus far.

Putting it next to a great entree and claiming proudly that you made it by hand it a really great way to introduce people to making their own bread. 4 simple ingredients (flour, water, yeast and salt) which every good kitchen has handy can make a delicious treat for the family anytime. And my goodness, is it cheap to make!

You do need a cast iron Dutch oven with a lid, though. You can use both enameled and straight, bare cast iron. I've tried both, with almost exactly the same results. Every kitchen should have a Dutch oven in my opinion!

After making about a dozen of these loaves so far, I've noticed that the rise time doesn't have to be 14-18 hours, but it can be. I've gotten away with a rise time of 2-3 hours when I've been in a rush to make some for dinner, and it comes out just fine.

This is such an easy thing to do, I can't see why anyone would want to avoid trying it. Some folks have really experimented with the bread, adding rosemary, garlic, cheese, orange.... so many different ways to play with a basic, functional, foundational recipe.

Give it a try and see what your family loves! Hope you're all enjoying summer thus far!

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Nicole said...

Yum! That looks so good. I'd love to try it for my family. I have dutch ovens but not a cast iron or enameled one. I am going to have to check into one!

Thanks for sharing!