Monday, May 21, 2012

Garden Rebuild

When I first built and started my raised bed in April two years ago, I didn't get treated wood with which to construct said bed.

Two years later, I wanted to tear it down and build bigger and better beds. We could only just squeeze about 6 tomato plants into the previous bed. We tried a few different vegetables in there, but we find most use with tomatoes.

So this year, we tore down the little bed and we used the dirt to fill in the "pit." The pit, in case you hadn't read about it previously, is the place where the previous owners had an above-ground swimming pool. It was filled with gravel and sand when we bought the house. We've since put all sorts of things into it, trying to bring it level with most of the yard. Nothing seemed to work, including a truckload of topsoil.

This year, I dumped the rich soil from the bed (complete with worms) into the pit, bought a few cubic feet of garden soil, and put the tomatoes in. I built a twine grow-cage kind of thing for the tomatoes so they won't need cages.

Grand total for tomatoes in the ground? Twenty-three. It would have been twenty-four, but we have a casualty. :( I hope they're spaced alright, and that the pit has finally found a good use.

I can't wait to see how much sauce I'm going to have to make to keep up with production this year! (I will be reinforcing those weak-looking bamboo sticks later... when they're needed.)

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