Monday, February 6, 2012

Vintage Pattern: Booties in an Evening

Babies babies babies! I have cousins having babies all over the planet! Thank goodness I have a stack of baby patterns from my grandmother.

I've been trying to knit through the stack of patterns whenever I see a pattern that has no image. I'm always curious to see how things come out, and if they're pretty.

I found this tiny little pattern cut out from a magazine claiming the pattern contained was a pair of baby booties you can knit in one evening.

Using a size 2 needle didn't sound too thrilling to me, but these booties came out so sweet, I couldn't resist sharing the pattern with you all (as usual).

Please enjoy knitting these booties with love for someone you know who has just had a little one. You must know someone - it seems like everyone we know is either expecting or already has a little bundle of baby happiness!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

So cute and a pretty simple pattern! I am so going to make these for my two friends that are pregnant right now.

Thanks for sharing the patterns. I am enjoying checking them out and may make some more :-)