Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Woven Rugs for the Home

Have you ever heard of the Big E? It's the big fair here in New England! Each state even has its own state building on the fairgrounds, and when you go into each state building, you're actually in that state!

I've been waiting a while to post about these woven rugs I got in the New Hampshire building, but they've stood the test of time and I think it's fair that I tell you about them, too.

In 2010, there was a new vendor who was selling these great woven rugs. She may not have actually been new, but she was new to me. She was an enthusiastic weaver who loved what she did. I was immediately drawn to the colors she employed in her rugs.

These rugs were incredibly priced... I think we got two rugs for $40. We have one here at the foot of our tub and there's another blue and white one at the foot of our stove. I believe she said she did custom dimensions too, but these were just the right size for us!

Her name is Elizabeth McMaster, and she's from Barrington, NH. I have her card, but she seems to not maintain neither an website or an email.

I saw her at the Big E again this year in the same spot in the New Hampshire building... maybe she's since updated her contact information beyond this business card I have. I hope her business is thriving and that she's finding profit in her passion. These rugs are well worth the money we spent, and they're machine washable! I have absolutely no complaints about these rugs, save for the fact that our cats skid into them and they bunch up! (I think that's more a cat problem than a rug problem!)

Do you have any favorite go-to places for special products made by passionate people? Have you found any fantastic products that you've gone back to ever since you found it?


g+m said...

You can buy those non-stick rug underthings to prevent that bunching. Or you can buy the non-stick stuff that's supposed to line a drawer and cut/layer it to fit for the same effect (cheaper).

I want some good rugs like that, but I haven't seen any that pretty anywhere near that cheap.

Ms. Terri said...

I just bought 2 rugs at the Big E yesterday from her and I love them! I'm glad to hear they stand up over time. Mine are maybe 2x4 or so and $29 apiece, so she's gone up slightly. Totally worth it.

Her email is eliZabethmcmaster49@gmail.com. No website on her business cards.

Danielle said...

Hi Ms. Terri! Thanks for the comment :) I actually just bought another one from her last week at the Big E too! This one was much longer, and has replaced a cheap-o rug I had from Big lots or someplace similar.

Her rugs are wonderful, and I hope you get years of use out of yours! :)