Friday, January 6, 2012

Shoulder Bag Project

After doing a lot of talking about wanting to get into sewing, I decided it was time to shut up and produce. I went in search of something I would enjoy making and find practicality in. I settled on the simple shoulder bag tutorial.

I'll be honest: I tried the bag more than a year ago and got frustrated with it, but I realize why I gave up now: I never understood the point of pressing something. Oh my goodness, what a world of difference after you've pressed your fabric!

I dug out two four fat quarters; two of one print, two of another. It produced a fine-looking bag! The exterior pattern is eccentric and has a very 60's feel. The interior is an intolerably lime green. I chose these because I really couldn't think of many other uses for them, so why not practice with them? After three and a half hours of singing, sewing, and some cursing, I came up with this.

I wouldn't actually use this bag. I'm a real stickler about bags - I take weeks and weeks of searching and scouring the stores and/or the internet to find something that I find suitable. This bag was wide open, had a mere button for closure, and was not anywhere near deep enough. This is, of course, my fault for using fat quarters, The limitations were obvious, I guess.

I did take the extra time to do some interior pockets. The pattern tells you to "overlock" your pockets before attaching them, but I'm not too sure what that meant. I know what overlocking is, but I'm not sure how it applied. So I came up with my own system for that.

Michele, you pointed out something simple in one of your comments: right sides should always face each other. This became much more obvious as I did this, and it was probably the biggest lesson I learned. I guess it goes without saying that I didn't know it was a rule until now, and I appreciate the mention!

I learned some neat tricks that I may not have thought of myself while doing this bag. I'm already itching to make other things using the things I've learned in this project alone. As if I needed a new craft to throw myself into!

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Michelle said...

Congratulations! I'm glad the 'right sides together' helped. Ha ha, a girl can never have too many crafts (it's just a shame extra time doesn't come with them!).