Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ravelry Round-Up

It's been a while, and I've got a bunch of things queued up in my favorites!

First up:
photo © Caroline Doe
Doesn't this just scream old world to you? Maybe that's a drawback to some of you, but when you're on the town in a white out in a New England winter, you appreciate some of the practicality that the old world can offer. And with such delicate lace, how can you refuse being so dainty with delicate snowflakes?
photo © Pam Powers
You've heard of (and have probably tried) the popular knit Cowboy Cowl, but this one is crocheted, and looks fantastic! That tassle does wonders for the design as well. I can imagine this done up in a rich, luxurious mulberry over a peacoat for winter practicality! 
photo © knittingdream 
 Ahhh, Noro. Ahhh, bags. What a great combination! I really urge you to check this one out - the bottom is even more beautiful than this, and the possibilities on color combinations are endless. This one was a real find, and I've been in love with it for months!
photo © Elizabeth Morrison
This is a beautiful color combination, which makes the sweater if you ask me. The potential here is pretty amazing to make a wearable work of true fiber art. I absolutely love it, and I'm grateful for the plus size options on this pattern. It seems to be something a lot of people forget about! We're not all fit super models!
photo © Gu'Chet

The first thing I think of when I see this is Christina Hendricks, and heaven knows why! I wonder how the rest of us ladies would look in something with so much emphasis on our chest. Is it anti-feminist to wear? Is it just highlighting what you've got? Is it something you'd wear? 'Cause let me tell you, feminism be damned, I'd be happy to see my ladies in the spotlight like this vest can do! 
That's about it this time. Don't be surprised if I stalk your favorites on Ravelry... I'm always looking at what my friends favorite! 


Nicole said...

Wow! I love these patterns! I love the head covering, so beautiful. I wish I could crochet because the crocheted cowgirl cowl rocks and I even think the tassle is great (the bead is cool!).
The Noro bag! Love it but do I have the patience to do it? And, at risk of repeating the word love for the 90th time, I love the sweater. I love that it has larger sizes because it seems like all the great sweaters come in small sizes only. However, my absolute favorite is the vest. Oh yes, I am in LOVE with it! I want to make that and I would totally buy a push-up bra so that my "assets" did justice to it.

Thanks for sharing the patterns. I am making a list and adding them to my favorites on Ravelry!

Danielle McCauley said...

Nicole, I find crocheting to be easier than knitting! A couple of youtube vids and I bet you'd be good to go!