Saturday, January 28, 2012


My grandmother was a great knitter. She stopped knitting when I was young, but she kept almost everything... including a six inch high stack of patterns, some dating back to 1947. I knew she had some yarn in the house, but I figured there wasn't too much left.

Well, looks like my grandmother got the itch like the rest of us and literally stashed three canvas tote bags away in her garage. My grandmother didn't have the funds or the want to buy special, high-quality fiber yarns like so many of us do today, but she had lots of wonderful baby yarns that she would use to make garments for all of us grand kids. (She still has all of our baby clothes in her attic, saved to pass down!)

My grandmother also had a vintage set of circular knitting needles, a few stray nylon circular knitting needles (which my mother kept for herself mostly) and of course the typical aluminum DPNs. I'm in love with everything I found, and I'm planning on sharing a lot of the patterns I found with you. Some of the patterns don't have pictures to go with them, so it will be a fun project to try and knit them and see how they come out.

I don't know what the copyright laws are about a lot of the vintage patterns in this stack I have... I figure so long as I don't charge you for them, and you don't sell them yourself and make a profit off of them in any way, no one will care too much. Some of them were printed in the local newspaper and in magazines that have long since passed into history. My intentions are pure, and I want to share these things with you all! Most of the patterns in this huge and overwhelming stack are for babies and small children. I'm sure you can benefit from some of them, particularly if you enjoy knitting for babies.

I look forward to sharing the gifts of my grandmother with people who can enjoy them. All of these things she had were obviously considered carefully, as there were personal notes to herself on gauge, yarn, and size considerations with almost every pattern. I wore a lot of the garments made from these patterns as a child myself. These things have been sitting in her garage for decades and now, maybe, they'll get a little more modern use.


g+m said...

So jealous.

I have very little inherited from either of my grandmothers - my mother has claimed most of it, and I suspect she's going to be one of those broads who lives forever.

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

This is very sweet, heartfelt, and loving. What wonderful things to touch and have and look at. You will treasure them always.