Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knitting Frenzy

That's it. It's December 1, and I've got 25 days to knit all the gifts I have staked out on Ravelry.

I finished off 2 projects this afternoon while answering phones, which is a great relief. I actually lost the buttons that I had originally bought for my Puerperium to the cats, so I just went with what I had handy, just so I could pack it up into a cute little box and prepare everything else for shipping to France.

I also finished my sister's Lace Cowl that I started more than 2 weeks ago. I'm ashamed to say that. I had some serious issues with this cowl. Not with the pattern, which is very easy, but with the tension and result of the cowl. What you see to your left is finished off, but not blocked. I'm hoping those divots will block out because they really over-power the lace on this beautiful cowl.

I also have about 4 cakes of recycled angora yarn that I really wanted to employ here, but it just didn't work out. I could have switched my needles up a little larger and risk a larger end product, but I instead opted for a $1.00 skein of superfine alpaca that I found at the Goodwill.

I have 2 baby blankets, a pair of booties, a couple of baby hats, another Puerperium, a man's toque, and possibly more to knit up in 25 days or so. I think I'll be working full-tilt until Christmas, not unlike all of you I'm sure!

What are you planning for holiday knitting? Any tips you could share to better handle the load? (Besides starting earlier, ha ha!)


urban muser said...

love that lace cowl. i have been remiss on my knitting this past year. photography has temporarily taken over!

Sassafrass said...

Your photography is definitely a great endeavor! I love to see it, honestly. I may not post much, but I read every entry!