Friday, September 30, 2011

Yarn Upcycle!

Sometimes, I look at the thrifty knitters group on Ravelry and wonder how these folks find their cashmere sweaters to frog for a few bucks. Until now.

While in New Hampshire, I discovered a wool and angora sweater that would fit a small child, but somehow, putting this beautiful sweater on a small child seemed silly. It was like a fisherman knit angora sweater. I couldn't let it just sit there on the racks at the Goodwill.

For $1.99, I took it home and set to the work of tearing it apart. I don't know about you guys, but tearing apart a sweater that was manufactured en masse is not the most simple thing to do. Eventually, with a bit of patience, I unraveled all but the pack panel of the tiny sweater.

It rendered three large cakes of soft, luxurious angora wool yarn. I read the label before buying it to be sure it wasn't part acrylic. I believe it was a 20/80 mix.

I'm not too sure what I should use this yarn with. I've looked at patterns and can't decide if I want cute, delicately knit mittens, a nice warm cowl for the snowy weather, or something that I haven't even considered. It's cream colored, so it could theoretically go with so many things!

Have you ever frogged anything and upcycled the fiber into a new life? Do you have a hard time finding such awesome fibers in the thrift shops?

PS: I bought some Malabrigo kettle dyed while I was camping up in Maine. I have no idea to do with it now! Any suggestions??


Will le Fey said...

I've used yarn as hair for a sculpture called The Amazing Positronic Man once.

Sassafrass said...

Who ARE you

Will le Fey said...

I am only myself.

Sassafrass said...

Well, yeah, me too. That's not saying much. :(