Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrift store finds!

While we were up in New Hampshire to visit family, we found a new Salvation Army that recently opened up. It was a large Salvation Army, which makes for a good afternoon in my life, but probably not Chris's so much.

This time around, I found a vintage weekender suitcase ("Travel Joy" is the brand, it seems) that was covered in state stickers and had gotten beaten up and dirty over the years. Unfortunately, I wasn't clever enough to take before photos; I got too excited to clean it up and use it on our weekend trip to Maine (again). Doesn't look too bad now, does it?

I also found this rigid woven bag that seems to have seen its fair share of use. It's stiff and settled into its shape, which makes it ideal for more space. I've always loved woven bags, but this was a must-have at only a buck.

I think I've already gotten a buck's worth of use out of it just from carting around my Emelie sweater and all the notions that go with.

What have you found in thrift shops? Regale me with your stories in the comments! I love hearing about your finds!


Pomegranategrl said...

Excellent finds! Where in NH is the new store?
Here is my latest: http://www.thepomegranatechronicles.com/the-pomegranate-chronicles/tuesdays-space-finishing-touches/

Sassafrass said...

It's a Salvation Army on Rt. 1 just south of Portsmouth, near the Walmart. It's huuuuuge!