Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not so much a trifecta anymore

After the road trip, there was talk of maybe possibly getting a fourth cat. Four cats. Two people. My mother insists I should just have a kid instead of collecting needy kitties, and that I am filling a hole in my heart with kittens when it really should be a child.

Whatever the psychological explanation (maybe we're just completely insane?), we decided to give another cat a home. Now, I should mention: we rescue these cats from the local shelter. We don't go looking for people who don't know how to properly care for their outdoor cats by allowing them to procreate outdoors unchecked. Craigslist for cats is a no-no in this household.

Instead, we went to the city shelter and adopted a cat who needed a home. The shelter was advertising adoption costs at half of what they normally are for cats over 5 months old during the entire month of September. Somehow I got it in my head that this meant we needed to help out.

We adopted a six month old kitten. I also want to mention that having three adult cats already doesn't really lend much in the way of getting a kitten, but Chris seems to have this need to only look at infantile cats. I had to talk him out of a beautiful calico who looked as though she was hardly past nursing her mama.

This new cat, named Holly (we'll see if it sticks), is kind of insane. Of course she's highly energetic being a kitten and all, but she suckles. Yeah yeah, that sounds sooo cute and all, but it's really not. I promise. She keeps us up at night, suckling the pillow corners between our heads and leaving little wet marks. It's gross. She also has that kitten poops thing going on, something that I hear is also frequent in infant humans.

She demands affection at all hours of the day. I had to make her a bed directly to the right of my elbow so she can touch me while I type. If this does not occur, she will get up, screech at me, and direct herself forcefully into the closest hand, no matter what it's doing. It's nice to be wanted, but oi vey, can you let me type for five minutes.

I realize I've just written multiple paragraphs about a kitten. Kind of off-putting, really. But look: I've got the means, I've got the love, and I've got the patience. So does Chris. They lead very happy lives here from what we can tell.

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