Monday, September 26, 2011

Eastern States Exposition (Big E)

It's a tradition around here that we go to the Big E (Eastern States Expo). I've been to the Big E every year for years and years, but Chris seems to enjoy it more than I do these days. He says it's the mark of autumn for him.

This year, his folks came down from New Hampshire and we all spent the day walking around. It wasn't much like the mark of fall, though! It was in the 80s and the humidity was killer - especially with the crowds that come with a Saturday at the fair.

The highlight of the fair for us are the state buildings; each state in New England is represented by a smaller version of its capital building on an avenue with the other New England states. When you enter each state building, you're technically on that state's ground. For a few minutes of the day, you can visit each state!

The best thing about the states is the Maine baked potatoes! Don't ever be intimidated by the line if you happen to go - they move fast. For $5, you get a Maine baked potato loaded with sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon bits, and chives. It's the highlight of the fair for us, and Chris seems to look forward to this one potato meal for months!

It's rare that we actually buy very much at the fair, but this year, I caught Chris eyeing some pendants in the craft common. It's rare that Chris actually looks at jewelry, so I had to take a look too. He saw some awesome "private mint coins" turned into beautiful pendants. I saw a Tree of Life pendant and I was all done. Check out the vendor's neat creations! I really love the fact that it's a coin turned into something so beautiful.

I also found a nice pocket watch that was put on to a chain. I figured I could use something a little more tangible than my cell phone for checking the time.

We had a really good time at the fair this year. Have you been visiting your local fairs? What's that one thing you love going to the fair for? What's your local fair like?

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