Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updates, finally!

I've been an awful blogger. I update so little, but it's not because I've forgotten! It's because we're just so gosh darn busy these days. We have vacations, mini-vacations, housework, home improvements, parties, weddings, and celebrations to attend to. Unfortunately this space gets neglected, but something has got to give!

We're preparing for our trans-American road trip in a couple of weeks. I'm nervous about it, but really, I have no reason to be. We've been diligent about planning everything out, so we should be pretty much set to go. There are a few more logistical issues to iron out (like paying the bills from the road, trying to keep up with my office job - yes, I will attempting to work from the car as we drive!), but we've pretty much pegged everything into place. We've reserved a Prius for the occasion, which should cut our gas costs in half if all goes well. AAA's fuel calculator has us pegged at 45 gallons of gasoline from Hartford, CT to Yellowstone, WY. Chris's Nissan would get 82 gallons on the trip. That's nearly half the fuel, and I thought Chris's car was efficient!

We also just returned from Sebago Lake State Park in southern Maine. The weather was perfect for our five days of camping on the lake. We always try to get a walk-in site since the majority of the campground seems to be very cramped campsites with hook-ups and RVs. It seems as though the Naples side of the campground has less of this kind of madness, but we've never really camped over there. The walk-ins are our tradition. I've been going to Sebago Lake every year since I was 14, if I remember properly. My mother and father took me when I was an infant, back before they divorced. It seems that most campers at Sebago Lake have been coming back over generations.

On our way home, we made sure to visit the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. We picked up a camping cookbook that I plan to employ even in the backyard over some coals.I also found a bunch of Boy Scout recipes online, but I didn't find the time to make much of what I found. We wanted to spend more time doing nothing than actually cooking, ha ha!

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