Friday, July 22, 2011

Green billing

There's been a bee in my bonnet about this for a while, and Chris just reminded me of it again yesterday. Now I have to gripe about it!

While it's all fine and good to make an effort as a corporation to "go green" and encourage less paper use all around, I really think they should offer a discount on your bill to go paperless. These campaigns to "go green" or paperless for companies? They're not actually because the company necessarily cares for green causes, but because it saves them money. Sometimes, it costs you money!

All the banks and business that I receive bills and statements from are pushing the whole "go green, receive your statements electronically!" That's an awesome idea guys, except for the fact that I'm actually saving you a lot of money. If I accept to have my statements "electronically delivered" to me, you don't have to use that paper anymore, but I often do. The burden then falls on me.

I firmly believe that "going green" with bills and statements should be incentivized. Of course I'm not looking for a substantial discount. Maybe a small, single-digit percentage off your bill, or in a bank's case, an annual fee waived, maybe a freebie somewhere. Heaven knows the banks could afford to go a little greener.

It's a win-win situation! The big company doesn't have to spend so much on paper and they can thank me for accepting my bills electronically with a little slice of their money-saving pie that I just allowed them!

I've actually seen a few programs like this with our local electric company, and our insurance company. Our insurance company gets you someplace else for "processing fees" if you pay electronically, but if you accept the paper bill, you get hit with a $6/month fee there, too!

It would be nice to see a little more regard for the consumer and for the environment in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile, I debate whether or not to accept the greener options and do the right thing for the environment, or not to accept them and make the company pay more to bill me.

One last point? The Comcast bill Chris showed me the other day had this "Go green!" campaign printed on it when there were about 3 pages of crap on a bill that has no more than 2 services on it. We canceled our cable years ago, and we're glad for it, but really. Don't send us 3 pages of garbage and then try to encourage us to go green. What the hell is the matter with you people.

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