Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Summer

Summer has officially started. You can always tell when our summer has begun because we mow our lawn late on a weekday evening and do all the yard work we can manage at dusk. Our weekends get so full with visits to friends and summer sites that we have to fit all of our normal chore schedules into weekday nights.

A real blessing is the solstice sun. At quarter to nine, it's only just getting dark enough to turn on the lights and close the blinds. I can't ever seem to communicate just how happy the late sun makes me, particularly that "golden hour" around 7pm where the sun bathes everything in this incredibly rich, beautiful sunlight. I hope I don't sound like a nut, and that you know (and love) the same time of day!

Our garden is doing great, which is kind of surprising to me; I have hardly put any effort into it this year! I raised the seeds in early spring, maybe even the end of winter. Half my garden is produce from little packets of seeds that I've been nursing since February. The cucumbers are a new addition to the box, and one of the two plants have taken over. I'm not sure if cucumber is a ground-creeper, but it's shooting out vines and looks like it wants to climb! I gave it a tomato ring thingie for itself. We've already got cucumbers coming in, and holy cow, I couldn't feel more satisfied!

I've been knitting like a maniac, but nothing really for myself. I finished the Multnomah a while back, but still haven't blocked it. We've had guests in our home almost every week so far this summer, and I have very little room to spread out my blocking mats in a safe place. Friends of ours are having babies left and right, so I am basking in the baby garment glory. There are no infants in my family, and I suspect they're all waiting on us to start the trend. Meanwhile, I look like a crazy cat lady just asking all my pals if they mind if I knit their kid a merino wool cardigan. Not one declination yet!

We're completely booked up for the rest of summer - something I love and hate at the same time. I like knowing there are adventures in store, but I don't always like knowing that every free moment on the weekend is planned. I'm grateful that we're able to accomplish everything though, so no whining from me.

For those of you who've asked how "married life" is (MOM), I have nothing to say. Chris and I have been married in my mind for a long time. Not sure if that's healthy or not, but no, nothing feels any different. Exactly what I was hoping for. Although... Chris looked at me last night after removing his ring while washing his hands and leaving it on the bathroom sink and he says "You're not the kind of married woman who gets upset when her husband doesn't wear his ring all the time, are you?"

I shoot him a look. Why yes. Yes I am.
He got it immediately.

(Is it normal for a man to wear his ring all the time? I'm a nut job and pretty much never remove my rings. I've been wearing the ring on my right thumb since I was 15 years old. Someone tell me my expectations are okay!)


Gwen said...

The expectation is okay. =)

He's a guy who has likely never worn jewelry and it'll take him a little time to get used to it. I'd say in a month he won't notice it anymore.

g+m said...

I don't know . . . I always take my rings off as soon as I get in the house.

I do think they should always be worn in public, though.

Sassafrass said...

Nadi, you're married now?! Or just rings in general?

I would understand taking them off if they are expensive rings. Fortunate for me, with one exception (that I don't wear much now), most of my rings retail at < $50.