Monday, May 9, 2011

Plans made, trips ahead

I know, I know. Neglecting this space again. It's just been so beautiful out, and I've had so many things to indulge in! I'd much rather spend my time outside by the fire when I get out of work than inside, looking out.

We've since made a lot of plans and reservations for our very busy summer. We're kicking the season off with a short weekend trip up to Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine. Surprisingly, neither Chris nor myself have ever been up there (as adults, anyways). Since we're doing a series of national parks this August, we figured we'd throw a trip to Acadia in there as well.

In early June, we're heading up to Old Orchard Beach for our annual get-together with our internet buddies. Sadly, this is very likely our last year going to these meets. The money and time we request off is precious to us, and I think we're going to start considering expanding our family in the next few years. (Mom, don't get your hopes up yet, okay?) We also have ambitions to see the rest of the country before we settle in and sacrifice our vacations to children.

On June 26, we're getting married. It's a non-event for me, but I think there's an expectation of even the most mild celebrations. I'm considering it, but I'm trying to be stoic and terse about the whole thing, as it's just a formality to me. Chris feels a little differently as the event approaches, so I am willing to compromise on this a little bit.

In July, we're headed back up to Maine to camp at Sebago Lake, as I've been doing since I was a kid. It looks like we may be alone at Sebago this year; I think my sister has maybe outgrown Sebago Lake, and old friends slowly drift away in time. I am too stubborn to give up what I consider family tradition, so I will probably be going to Sebago for the next 25 years, ha ha!

Hopefully, in July sometime, a dear friend will visit from Las Vegas for a week or so. My fingers are crossed.

And of course, in August, we're going on our road trip. That blog hasn't been updated too much because we frankly hadn't updated our plans very much. But now, we've got reservations and a course of action. It's going to be awesome.

It'll be a busy season. I'm not sure how I'll keep up with the garden. I have so many plans for that, too. I'll have to take some pictures and plot some points on some graph paper, see what you gardeners think before I go buying lumber and digging up compost.

Oh, and it's worth noting that we spend a lot of time in Maine. I think we should just buy an old farmhouse and live there...


knitinsage said...

best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

i also grew up going to a lake in maine, and fantasized about living in an old farmhouse there. or maybe an old lighthouse.

what will you be knitting on all these adventures?

Telemachus said...

Congratulations on the wedding; have you been engaged long? Even if it seems like just a formality, i'd make the most of it - such happy times don't come around that often.

I love that photo of the lighthouse. There's something about being near the sea that is mesmerising to me; ever since I watched "The Fog" for the first time i've had these romantic notions of living in a lighthouse some day - minus the zombies.

Sassafrass said...

Hi Telemachus! We've been engaged since last summer, when I finally caved on the idea of marriage. I can't imagine myself with anyone but him, so I figured I should submit, ha ha!

The Fog? I've never seen it. Isn't that embarrassing! I will immediately go find a way to watch it. :D

Tasha said...

Congrats. =)