Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Chris, Mom and I had a lovely day at the yarn store on Saturday before the rain rolled in.

I would like to mention that poor Chris, the trooper that he is, came along with us chickens to the yarn store despite some of the worst suffering I've ever seen from allergies. I guess this season is unusually rough. On Saturday morning, his left eye was sealed shut from puss. After we cleaned it out, we decided it was time to see a doctor. His allergies to that point were severe, but only in the congestion and poofy-eye department. We went to a quick clinic and he got some prescriptions for his suffering.

Mom had never been to the WEBS tent sale. She seemed a little overwhelmed by all of her options. Mom seems to only buy wool for sweaters, and doesn't think outside of them too much. It's a strange experience for me because I'm a little different: I look at all the Noro and fill up my basket almost exclusively with it until I have to put some back to make room for more reasonable things (I'm such a sucker for color). It seemed like Mom went in with more of a plan than I had. I usually have very detailed plans about almost everything, but when it comes to splurging and indulging in an annual yarn sale, I lose my mind and go for broke. Luckily, I controlled myself pretty well this year:

I ended up buying all of this for $125!
  • 10-hank bag of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool for a meager $35 (!!)
  • 10-hank bag of Cascade 220 for $49.95 (and two extra hanks in other colors for the trim on a sweater, $5/each)
  • A couple skeins of Noro Kureyon for $14
  • 4 balls of Berroco in the most attractive colorway called "Glacier" (#8514), I just had to have it! And for under $5 a ball, you can't go wrong!
Mom walked out with enough yarn to make the Óðinn (Odin) for Chris in Yalley Yarn's Northampton Bulky, her own fisherman knit sweater in lilac in Cascade, and a little extra for $86. You can imagine how happy she was!

I'm hoping to give the Bountiful Bohus a go. Mom actually made one for me recently, but there are all sorts of techniques in the sweater that I'd like to try, including the dreaded steeking. Can't hurt to have two beautiful sweaters, right?

I'd also like to make the Central Park Hoodie again. The one I made for myself years ago was way too big. I think I'm smaller than I picture myself being! I didn't get enough yarn to make another one, so now I'm thinking of an excuse to go back to WEBS. I originally used Cascade 220 to make my Central Park Hoodie, but it pills pretty bad. I wonder if any of you have tried a more satisfying wool that isn't too dear in price? If I do try it again, I will also spend the time to do a button band. The zipper on my original was just bad form. It was my first sweater, though! I forgive myself this time.

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