Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Acadia National Park

Last Friday, both Chris and I bailed from work a few hours early and headed up to Acadia National Park for the weekend. It's a good six hours from where we live, so we needed to get a head start on the day.

The trees have hardly bloomed up on the island. It's still fairly chilly up there, and the weather didn't cooperate as much as we would have liked. We just came out of more than a straight week of rain, so it was a bit foggy and rainy up in Bar Harbor. Most things hadn't opened for the season yet, and we're idiots for not considering this. Most places were still on lock-down after the winter. It was strange, but enjoyable.

We arrived at the cottage we reserved for the weekend at dusk. It was quaint, small, and cozy. We were the first ones of the season to break it in, which may explain the smell of the bathroom. Honestly, I would have loved this cabin if it wasn't for the bathroom. It was stinky. There was also no heat in the cabin, which was questionably necessary at this time of the year.

One thing I really loved about this trip was the cottages that you can rent on the island. There aren't too many large chain hotels, but there are a ton of old fashioned motor lodges that offer the cutest, most old fashioned, most comfortable looking cottages. I wish I could do a whole entry about the cottages alone, but sadly, we didn't have time to explore them.

After checking in, we went to the only lobster pound that was open right up the street. Our luck: it was a proud Republican establishment. There were pictures of Ronald Reagan, George W., and some other pretty diehard Republican politicians on the wall. There was a thank-you letter from George W. to the owner, gratefully acknowledging them for their donations and for being a charter member or something. The lobster was good, I guess. I dislike eating sea spiders that you have to rip apart, but Chris said it was fantastic. High-five right-wingers!

We turned in early after so much driving. We awoke early the next morning to find fog. Lots and lots of fog. This made us very sad, but we weren't giving up just because of fog. We pulled ourselves together and headed into the park, which is only a few miles away from where we stayed. We did the visitor center thing and then took off.

Acadia has a drive-around kind of loop road thing. You can hike or bike the island too, but that would very likely take more than the time we had. We opted for the loop road, which was just fine. It's a one-way road through the park, but with 2 lanes so people can park and snap photos or hike to the shore or whatever.

At this point, I'll just show you what we saw with as little commentary as possible. I've talked enough.

The visitor center. I'm wearing a bright yellow sundress with a blue flannel shirt. I win at fashion.

Early on, you get really excited to see interesting landscapes. Here's a shot of the road curling around the peaks. Everything is shrouded in mist and fog, though.

Our favorite place on the island: Sand Beach.
This was a scene right out of Alaska. The water was so cold. I'm tough. I like the cold. I like cold water even more. But this water? You can't stand in it for more than 30 seconds or so. It's ridiculous. It's great. And it's so clean! The photos do it no justice. I wish I could live right there on the beach.

Behind the shoreline of the freezing cold water on Sand Beach, there's this pond. Maybe it's only just the time of the season, but this pond was overflowing and digging a canyon down to the ocean, allowing fresh water to flow into sea water. When I see water, I turn into a child. Here I am playing in the water. Chris is like me and will excitedly go looking for rocks to throw in the water. We could have played like children in this water for hours. The scenery only helped. (Turns out we were playing in the water than most of the children we saw on the beach)

The fresh water from the pond cutting into the sand and pushing down to the shoreline of the sea.

A shot of the pond behind the shoreline.

This is on the right side of Sand Beach. That rocky shore is higher than you think.

Chris having a blast. We both had a really fun time all by ourselves on the beach.

There's more to this journey, but I think I've exhausted you for today. Tomorrow, I'll post more photos (and a video!) of what we saw and loved on the island.


Michelle said...

I love the foggy beach! Such a contrast to the usual image of a beach.

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

I'm like you when it comes to the water! Love love love. Thanks for sharing pics. Never been to Acadia, and always wanted to go.