Friday, April 29, 2011

Jumping on the Sewing Bandwagon

I make these silly bags. I'm not sure how they're actually called out there. Something like "bohemian sling bag" produces about the right thing in a google image search, if you're curious. I've made these bags for a while, but I never thought anyone would care for my insanely colorful, eccentric, and admittedly kind of annoying style. (The image to the right should accurately convey what kind of bag this is.)

I made a sloppy bag in the batik you see below last summer. Quilting batik isn't cheap, apparently. I posted about it on Facebook, and I had a request for the same thing for a friend in the same colors I did my bag. I had some fabric left over for both the exterior and interior lining, so I figured why not?

Only now did I actually get around to getting everything together, pressing it all, and assembling it all with the proper colored thread and all.

I wish I had a little better an idea of how to do these things. A friend got a kick out of the idea that I had never been taught how that one should always press seams of things to be sewn before actually sewing them.

I do enjoy sewing very much. My grandmother recently offered me her original sewing machine from when she was young. But before I should take up such an offer, I would like to consider some better training. It seems pretty intuitive, but I'm sure there are lots and lots of techniques that would make sewing much less cumbersome and irritating at times for me.

Honestly, I'd like to make bags for the rest of my days if I could. But for now, I guess I'll deal with designing and half-assedly sewing together the most beautiful and colorful fabrics I can find.


Anonymous said...

You are SO talented! :-D
I would love to have a Danielle original bag hehe. :-)
Hope you have a nice weekend. I have to work tomorrow-- but it's already the weekend here in Germany.


Michelle said...

Creating something useful is such a great thrill! As a current full time sewing student (and previously a complete non-sewer) I can vouch for the fantasticness [is that a word?!] of skilled clothing production teachers. I've told people about some of the techniques I've been taught and even experienced sewers didn't know some of the tips I've learnt.

Keep going with your sewing - and please share the results!

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

I want to see the bags! Did you design your pattern? Keep up the good work!

Sassafrass said...

Michelle, you were an inspiration in all of this!

I did design the bags! I'll probably make another couple to throw on Etsy to see if they're worth anything. I already sent off the bag for that friend, but I'll make another really soon. :D

knitinsage said...

what's annoying about that??? these are fantastic, and i LOVE your choice of fabrics.

you're a natural!

Joan Repp said...

Where can I get the pattern for this bag!!

Danielle said...

Joan: I have no idea :(

I cut up a bag I found at the thrift store and made a pattern based on that. Maybe you could do the same??