Monday, April 25, 2011


I should start today by establishing the fact that I'm not a big product kind of person. I'll bet you already know that, ha ha! The only conditioning of my skin I do is the occasional application of cocoa butter when my skin is feeling dry.

I don't know about you guys, but when the winter quietly passes, my skin isn't feeling so pleasant, despite all the cocoa butter and
pampering. It needs a good scrub.

I found this recipe over at Little House in the Suburbs more than a year ago. I used it a lot when we were living in our apartment, back when I was desperate to find a way to to live more close to the Earth without having much earth to work with.

Remembering the recipe this morning, I decided to whip together a small batch enough to scrub up with in the shower today. It's a little poo-ey to apply, but once you rub it in a little and let it sit there for a minute while standing in the hot shower, you're all set. Wash it off and clean up with some soap.

Once I got out of the shower and touched my face after using the scrub and I could feel a very clear difference. Smooth. Clean. Back to normal. It feels so much better, guys. If you have winter skin, give this a try! It only requires 3 minutes of your time to mix together some basic household items and one extra thing to do in the shower that takes up less time than most things!

I should mention that I halve the recipe on the Little House in the Suburb's recipe. Even halved, it's more than enough for more than one washing. You shouldn't do this more than once a week, if you like your skin at all. I put whatever is left over into an air-tight pill bottle and stash it in a dark, dry place.


Kate! said...

Yay! Its actually kind of creepy- I was just in the cosmetics aisle looking at scrubs and thinking "I can make this!" Thank you!

Sassafrass said...

If you end up making this, I'd be curious how it works for you! :D

Tasha said...

I'm a sucker for my Burt's Bees scrub, although I used to have a delicious-smelling sugar scrub from Trader Joe's that had grapefruit in it . . . I'm too lazy to make my own, I think. Maybe I will. >_>

Sassafrass said...

I'll make you some, if you like! I'd be happy to send you a sample if you're "too lazy." (C'mon. You've got a kid. I figured people who've got kids just don't have time for these sorts of things.)