Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been so busy crafting. Not with yarn, but with Minecraft.

It's not every day that I ask Chris what he's playing, and if I can try it.

I'm very rarely interested in the video games these days. The last game I loved with a passion was Left 4 Dead, and that's mostly because it was a post-apocalyptic zombie murder festival. Who can turn that down? Until Portal 2 comes out, I had dashed all hopes of getting into a good game.

But Minecraft, clocking in at around $20, is probably the biggest time-sink and best way to spend $20 that I've encountered in a long time. I didn't think I would understand it, since you create your necessary tools using certain combinations of raw materials arranged in a certain way on a crafting table.

Once you get your basics going, you can dig into the mines in the mountain sides and find all sorts of goodies. These goodies aren't usually frivolous, either! You can use them to improve your tools and/or make new things!

I play in peaceful mode, which means monsters are turned off. I experienced a creeper (your arch-nemesis in the game) and screamed so loud I startled the cats when I saw it. For the sake of everyone in the house, I decided to set my goals to mining and building. The possibilities are absolutely endless on this front. Each map has so many different things to explore and mine that you could work on it for weeks and still not explore it all.

This has all affected how much I've been knitting, which is good in a way. A break is always welcome, especially after a knitting heartbreak. I had a few design ideas the other night, which pretty much never ever happen to me. I'm doing the best I can to write them down and give them a go to see how good they look in reality instead of how awesome they appear in my own mind.

If you enjoy games at all, I'd recommend Minecraft. Just beware: you may play it so much that you dream of mining and finding diamonds in the depths.

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